Stop the press!


Newspapers are important. More important than any website or blog. Even the obviously slanted newspapers. From reading the newspaper over bowl of cereal to relaxing in a recliner on a Sunday morning, I’ve always been an avid newpaper reader.

So was Angus Anderson.

Angus M. Anderson was born in 1913, so he was less than a year old when The Chetek Alert offered the lifetime subscription for $25, but his father Theodore, thinking of the benefit of getting the paper longer, took advantage of the offer and subscribed in his infant son’s name.
At the age of 13, the Anderson family relocated to California, and The Chetek Alert followed them.

An electrician by trade, in 1946, Angus and three other partners opened Arrow Development Co. in the Golden State. It started as a small machine shop, but worked with Walt Disney to create many of the original Disney attractions when the park opened in 1955, such as King Arthur’s Carousel, Dumbo the Flying Elephant, the Teacup Ride, and Mr. Toad’s Hot Rod Cars.
Angus and wife Phyllis moved to Park Rapids, Minn., in 1970 when they bought a farm. They retired in 2004, but remained in Park Rapids until 2004, when they moved to Oregon to be closer to their children.

Through this all, The Chetek Alert has been delivered to his doorstep, no matter where that happened to be.

He was 95 years old when he passed away July 26, 2009. Through his subscription he received almost 5,000 issues of The Chetek Alert, costing him less than a half of a cent per issue.


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