Humorless School Officials


Many people do not regard school districts as local governments. Well, they are. So they are fair game to point out disagreements in policy when they arise.  Here’s a doozy.

It was a dare Brian Brochman couldn’t refuse.

Some friends in a first-period class at Stillwater Area High School thought it would be funny if he dashed through a homecoming pep rally wearing nothing but a thong.

Brochman is a senior and a captain of the school’s cross country team. “They said: ‘Hey, you should do it. You’re a cross country runner; you’ll never get caught,’ ” Brochman said. “I started to think about it and thought, ‘Why not?’ “

So on Sept. 25, Brochman donned an olive-green thong, a Bill Clinton mask and running shoes. He hid in the locker room, raced through Pepfest and ran out the gym’s west exit. A friend later picked him up near Boutwells Landing senior housing community.

Officials figured out the would-be streaker was a member of the school’s cross country team — based on his speed and body type — and approached the team’s coach with a photo. Brochman said he ‘fessed up at that point.

His punishment was to spend two weeks in an “alternative to suspension” program called the Youth and Community Accountability and Prevention Program, which is held at the Washington County Historic Courthouse in Stillwater. His YCAPP program ends Friday.

Brochman said he knew he could be punished if he were caught but said he didn’t think he would face 10 days.

“I realize I should get punished some way — I’m not like an angel here,” he said. “They said you would get 10 days for streaking, but I wasn’t streaking.

Brochman’s mother, Jennifer Rolf, said she is furious her son has been pulled from school for a harmless prank.

“Webster’s defines ‘streaking’ as you have to be naked,” she said. “Two weeks for a practical joke that everybody laughed at and had a good time with? Come on.”

Joe Soucheray, the Mayor of Garage Logic, is famous for saying Minnesota is “the state where absolutely nothing is allowed.” That includes high school students having fun at a pep rally. How sad.


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