Guts and Ingenuity


Candidates for election will do anything, at times, to get noticed. Royal Barber of Sylvania Township in Ohio came up with an idea I would have never thought of. He placed the names of his rivals for the township trustee position on Halloween tombstones in his yard.


Naturally, one of his opponents did not find the humor in it and demanded his name be taken off. There has to be a killjoy for everything. Mr. Barber complied with the request.

Another opponent, Penny Levine,  “burst out laughing” when she saw the display.

My elections were always in April. Putting my opponents names on Easter eggs wouldn’t have had the same impact.

Good luck Royal. I can’t vote for you but I hope you win!

Government needs more people with guts and ingenuity.


One Response to Guts and Ingenuity

  1. Royal Barber says:

    Thank you for your support.

    While my intention was not for the publicity, I hope that the publicity highlights what a great community I live in. The Sylvania area was voted one of Ohio’s best hometowns by Ohio magazine.

    We are a suburb of Toledo and are located in NW Ohio. The problems with the economy have really hit our part of the state hard. Local communities have been laying off police officers, we have lost thousands of jobs and there are many people who still are hurting.

    If you believe your government isn’t doing enough for the people that it is your civic duty to become involved. That is why I am a 1st time candidate this year.

    Royal Barber

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