Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101

mmm1 It all started as a young lad. I would deliver newspapers to the home of our Mayor. As I would deliver those papers I would sometimes think to myself, “Someday I’ll have your job.” I didn’t even know what a Mayor did but I somehow felt destined to be one. And I did, again and again and again. 

I learned what a Mayor does. They go to meetings. Nothing happens until there is a meeting. Nothing.

I learned that when a constituent had a problem or concern, they didn’t know how to prepare for their meeting. When they came to their meeting unprepared they normally lost. 

 That is what Moving Mountains and Molehills is all about. How to prepare for the meeting. I give detailed instructions who to talk to, how to talk to them, and how to prepare what you are going to say at the meeting. I even give you a fill in the blank check list so you don’t forget to do something you absolutely have to do. I give you everything.

So, if you have a problem with your local government (City, County, Town, School) you must have Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101. 

If you even think you might have a problem in the future with your local government you must have Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101.

If you are a local official or think you might like to be a local official in the future, you must have Moving Mountains and Molehills Local Politics 101.



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